Karnataka Planters' Association
  • 11-2-2016 : Ar. Pmt (Rs. per 50KG) = 8250 - 8300
  • 11-2-2016 : Ar. Chy (Rs. per 50KG) = 3200 - 3375
  • 11-2-2016 : Rob. Pmt(Rs. per 50KG) = 5400 - 5500
  • 11-2-2016 : Rob. Chy (Rs. per 50KG) = 2700 - 2880
  • 11-2-2016 : Black Pepper (Rs. per KG) = 590
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The Karnataka Planters' Association (KPA) is the apex plantation decision making body in the state looking after the interests of the plantation crops of Coffee, Tea, Pepper, Cardamom & Rubber. KPA primarily liaisons and formulates policies with the Government of India, the Government of Karnataka, Domestic and International Trade Organizations and Research & Development Organizations.
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ServicesMake suitable representations to the concerned Ministries in the State and Central Government on various problems.
Services Any owner or part owner in possession or lessee in possession of an estate in Karnataka can be an ordinary Member of the Association.

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